Unblocking Your Snapchat Followers.

If there is a drop in the number of your Snapchat followers lately, maybe it is time reconsider unblocking those you blocked way before. There is no meaningful engagement with fewer friends that is why you need more. Follow these simple steps to unblock those friends before trying other options to get more followers.

Locate your Snapchat app and tap on the ghost available at the Snapchat camera screen at the top. This will display your Snapchat profile. Whatever type of phone you are using, the process is all the same for Android and iPhone platforms. Proceed to Snapchat settings via the gear button at the upper right corner. In the ‘Accounts section’, tap on the blocked option and a list of all the blocked Snapchat followers will appear. On tapping the “X” next to those usernames, their names will be moved to your friend’s list as they would have been unblocked. You are now able to contact them from your end as they can too from theirs. Depending on your friend’s private settings, they may have to add you back again once you unblock them before interactions resume.

Use Of Twitter Likes in Business.

With the benefits of a hashtag known, it is time now to convert the Twitter likes and integrate them into your daily business activities. If you are having a sale at your premises, it is easy to create a hashtag and persuade your followers and others to use it in their tweets to keep spreading the word to other customers who were not aware of the same. Attach a prize for the best tweet which incorporates the hashtag and you will be surprised how you suddenly top the trending charts at a particular time. You can assess the impact the hashtag created by looking at the tweets generated plus the retweets.

However, caution must be taken when evaluating the Twitter likes. This is because your chosen tag may be similar to others trending at that particular moment that is likely to confuse your potential customers. Take time and confirm your spellings and if the chosen words communicate something at the first sight. Go through the already published hashtags trending to avoid starting something similar to it. This is where creativity comes in now and the ability to choose words well.